Photo by Haley Neale.

Haley Neale describes herself on her Little Robot Photography website as a “robot-loving, leather jacket wearing, coffee drinking Midwestern gal that can’t seem to decide on a hair color lasting more than six months.”

Nowhere does she mention that she’s an up-and-coming Indy-area food photographer to which food makers all over the state are paying mind. But she should.

Over the past five years, Neale has built a great deal of her portfolio by volunteering her photography services to restaurants, small businesses, and friends, and the work has helped her hone her photographic style and skill, while garnering attention and landing paying gigs for local food folk and media higher-ups.

When she isn’t in the studio these days, Neale regularly hops in the car and roams, her camera always in tow, to search for lonely and forgotten places worthy of a good photograph.