Eco-Friendly Kitchenware

At Orange County's Brambleberry Farm, you'll find Darren and Espri Bender-Beauregard, who raise three young girls (Viola, and twins, Eleanor and Sylvia) and manage a 3½-acre pasture for rotating chickens, geese and ducks. Each spring, they also open for business to sell perennial fruit, nut and berry saplings and seedlings.

   Permaculture is the focus on this small Indiana farm. The Bender-Beauregard family resides in a 1,350-square-foot straw bale house that Darren and Espri built, using Espri’s plumbing and construction skills that she picked up while volunteering in a year-long home repair program and the permaculture principles that Darren gleaned as a volunteer for a community food bank the same year. The couple is also raising a greenhouse, made from materials they have foraged from the land. 

    Each year, friends and customers know to head to Brambleberry Farm for their pick of plant starts and grafting workshops, which Darren hosts. But year-round, Espri crafts eco-friendly kitchenware from wood the couple salvages. Look for the Bender-Beauregards on Facebook to find out when and where her handcrafted spoons, cutting boards and bowls go up for sale. 

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