Let’s Get to Work

I very regularly wear my heart on my sleeve, and the Indiana Farmers Union is definitely on my sleeve. The Indiana Farmers Union needs to kick into high gear this year, and I’m dedicated to making that happen. Even if you think this post doesn’t affect you--hear me out. It does. It affects all of us.

We need to form chapters for the union. The more chapters we have, the more our union does for our members, and the more voice we have at the Statehouse and in Washington, D.C. The Indiana Farmers Union is a nonprofit organization. It exists for farmers. The more members we have, the more we can do for Hoosier farmers and for our local food system.

We would love to see chapters formed around issues that are closest to our farmers’ hearts. For instance, the Indiana Hemp Industries Association is looking to start a hemp-focused chapter under INFU. I want to start a Healthy Food Access chapter, and Healthy Shelby County is committing to pay half of the first year’s membership for 10 new Shelby County members to form this chapter.

We want to see an urban farming chapter formed, a veteran farmers chapter formed, a permaculture chapter formed, an aquaponics/hydroponics chapter, a certified organic chapter, a chapter dealing with food waste, a farm-to-school chapter, an environmental conservation chapter, and more. You do not have to be a farmer to join. You just have to share and care about the mission. Then, when your chapter wants the Indiana Farmers Union to go to work for your needs, we do that. You guide us on what you need. As members, you drive what we do and you can become as involved in our union as you want to. We hope to shape tomorrow’s agriculture and local food leaders, and the Indiana Farmers Union and National Farmers Union offer educational programs, Beginning Farmer Forums and Institutes, Women’s Conferences, Legislative Fly-Ins, and much more to help teach and inspire Hoosier farmers and advocates. Are you ready to help change our local food system? 

Visit Randy and I at Dugger Family Farm, email me at indianafarmersunion@gmail.com, or visit www.indianafarmersunion.org to find out more and to join. We need to work together, to crowd rooms and homes and hallways to meet and discuss the issues, and to find new ways to grow and sustain our farms and food systems.  

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-- Sherri Dugger

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