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First-Ever Indiana Farmers Union Female Farmer Chapter Meeting

What is a chapter under Indiana Farmers Union? 

A chapter consists of ten or more Indiana Farmers Union members. Within a chapter, we will hold at least one organized meeting a year, and we will elect a President, Vice President, and Secretary-Treasurer for the chapter. We then can do as much or as little as we would like through the chapter. Want to hold regular potlucks for networking and promotion of our farms and food systems? We can do that. Want to start businesses, co-ops, or establish annual events or female farmer conferences under the chapter? We can do that. As an official chapter under Indiana Farmers Union, we can petition the state union to receive funds in order to hold and organize such events. We also can fundraise and host our own events to network, learn, and share ideas. We can start beginning farmer scholarship programs. We can kick off an "Indiana Farmers Union Leading Ladies" annual award to celebrate one female farmer or food system worker who is outstanding in her field each year. We can guide, support, and encourage one another to run for offices and other leadership positions. The answer is: As a female farmer chapter under Indiana Farmers Union, we can do as much as we want. Spread the word and come out to our first meeting on Jan. 5 at 10:30 a.m. at Indianapolis City Market's Platform conference room.

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